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Software License Plan

One Year License

Requires Windows 7 or Higher.
One Year/Month Access.
Free Support.


Will My Number Banned?
☛ We've added different methods to avoid blocking but if you're sending unwanted messages to user then users can report you and what's app will ban. If you're sending spam contents then your account get ban.
Do I Need Credits?
☛ No, you don't need any credits. You can send number of messages from our software.
Do I Need To Renew Software?
☛ Yes, If you need better performance, continue working and new updates then you need to renew software.
How To Avoid My Number To Ban?
☛ We can't give guarantee but we'll give you best settings to use this software. These settings will help to avoid blocking. Here we can avoid blocking but can't stop. If you send messages like spam then you'll get ban or if you're sending unwanted messages to your customer then there are chances to get ban.
Mention your brand or why you're sending these messages to customers.
Use minimum two mobile numbers that are 2-4 months old. If one banned then use another one. But don't worry our software will avoid blocking but no guarantee for stop. It is important to find ways to send messages to those who don't know us and at the same time reduce the risk of being reported as a spammer.
How To Transfer License?
☛ You can transfer license but you've to pay transfer charges as 1500/-
How To Complain Or Help Related This Software?
☛ You can mail us at , and call us at +918605808768

Key Features

No need to buy credits.
Extract whatsapp group contacts.
Send unlimited whatsapp messages.
Import data from Excel or Manually.
Anti-blocking mechanism.
Intelligent IP masking to avoid blocking.
Manage multiple sender accounts.
Need small charge for updates.
Track each sending messages.
Control random sending flow speed.
Scale 24/7 experiences
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